Animate Objects

Bird Candleholder


Width: 106 cm
Height: 157 cm
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As Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu beautifully mentioned in his poem ‘The Saga of Istanbul’:

“Say Istanbul and a seagull comes to mind,
Half silver and half foam,
half fish and half bird.
When I say Istanbul, I think of fairy tale, once upon a time.”

The Istanbul collection, two candle holders in the shape of a bird and a fish, pays tribute to the designer’s hometown since both animals are significant symbols in daily life as well as in art, literature, and history when thinking of the Turkish culture.
With their ascending and descending positions, they are imagined coming together to bring peace as the bird belongs to the sky and the fish to the sea.

Made of laser cut iron pieces welded together inspired by the clean lines of Brutalist architecture, these sculptural furnitures transform into theatrical pieces by having beautiful silhouettes as light falls on them.

* Recommended for indoor use only.